Michael Saylor plans to endlessly purchase bitcoins

Michael Saylor plans to endlessly purchase bitcoins

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Former CEO and current executive chairman of MicroStrategy Michael Saylor announced that the company, already one of the largest owners of Bitcoin, has no plans to sell the cryptocurrency. Moreover, Sailor plans to purchase more BTC.

Based on current prices, MicroStrategy’s reserves are now valued at $9.88 billion, and the CEO’s statement underscores the company’s bullish Bitcoin strategy. Saylor also argues that the digital asset is technically superior to gold, the S&P 500 and real estate, despite the market cap of those asset classes being significantly larger than Bitcoin’s $1 trillion market cap.
We believe capital will continue to flow from these asset classes into Bitcoin. Bitcoin technically outperforms these asset classes, and in this case there is simply no reason to sell the winners to buy the losers.

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25.02.2024, 16:06
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