Terms of Participation in the Affiliate Program | Exchangemafia.com

Affiliate terms and conditions

The affiliate program allows registered users to earn affiliate fees from exchanges of clients who came to our website through a referral link.

Participation in the program is quite simple

  1. You need to register on our website.
  2. A special link will be placed in your profile (Account → Affiliate Account) through which you can attract users.
  3. The affiliate percentage depends on the total amount of exchanges of your referrals and will change according to the table:
  4. Level Total amount of referral exchanges Your profit
    1. $0 5%
    2. $10,000 10%
    3. $50,000 15%
    4. $100,000 20%
    5. $250,000 25%
  5. Withdrawal of affiliate profits is carried out every day. The minimum amount for withdrawal is $10.
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